*** All assets in this layout are on the DLS as confirmed by the TRS community ***

Hi Alan: Now you have this underway, what is the routine for future layout uploads? Are we on the "honours system" such that we add the "All on DLS" comment before we upload, or do you guys have a process in place that verifies and then adds the comment (or not) as necessary?

Thx. Colin.

Yeah, honours system really, though it is very easy for us to add or remove this tag from the description should we deem it necessary.

@ tonyvdb - Where or what is the description of your layout? Is it fictional or pro typical? Size? Era?
This message is not meant to be the entire description just an add-on to the description. :)
@ tonyvdb - Where or what is the description of your layout? Is it fictional or pro typical? Size? Era?
This message is not meant to be the entire description just an add-on to the description. :)

My route is semi prototypical and covers most of central and southern Alberta Canada. The era is current 2000 and also has two large LRV routes one in the city of Edmonton and the other in Calgary (the Calgary part is mostly fictional). The size is fairly large I would guess at least 200 or more baseboards at present and growing. How do I go about finding the actual size?
Shangri La

Shangri La
By titaniclover

You might have trouble finding one tiny thing that I used during texture testing. Here it is. It is on the DLS, CMP refueses to find it though.

By Chirs_C

Also it uses dmdrakes CityScape splines. They will soon, as far as I know, be avalible at the DLS. Here is the link to the thread.

TCS Route Builder
Is any of the mods monitering this thread anymore?

It is very useful I think. I have found many good routes and not needed to DL anything off other sites due to this thread.

TCS Route Builder
My layout "Mariazellerbahn" - a narrow gauge railway in Austria - was made also with DLS-Content only.

just because all content is available doesn't neccessarily mean that i want it. i AM interested in modern (post 1960), primarily but not neccessarily entirely, passenger oriented, NARROW GAUGE (it doesn't matter WHAT narrow gauge, as long as it's narrower then standard gauge, but the smaller and more "people sized" the better).

mostly of course, i'm into 'rolling' my own, but whatever there is of this nature, i am indeed interested in.

i have found some, wiscassette and sandy river ones, a ffestiniog or two, and of course the dhr project, although the latter is definately NOT on the dls, but certainly IS accessable to anyone interested in it.

i've also got only 2006 WITHOUT sp-1, yes i know i need to get arround to doing something about that one of these days, but for now, anything created with 2006 or later, even without sp-1 creating it, comes up as map not found, so i'm pretty much limited, as far as layouts/railways are concerned, to 2004 and earlier, though of course i can run all content i can download without having the tc's and newer.

so 2004 compatable and before, (preferably modern) narrowgauge, and passenger, these interest me. (trams and metro's do too, just not their usual auto dominated, and high population density settings)

(oh yes, and i'm very glad and appreaciative of the 10.5" gauge stuff, what i've found of it too, along with all the wonderful 24" 30"/760mm and of course 3' and meter gauge)

(i don't know if they've been mentioned yet, but fishlipsatwork's blank maps don't have any missing assets, if you've got the free hog program and transfered the hog textures into trainz. anyway i've found them fun and useful to rebuild parts of the real world in my own wierd unreal ways. right now i'm filling in the sacramento area one, which covers where i live. i just wish there was one, maybe there is, i don't know yet, for EAST of sacramento, covering between roseville and reno/sparks, which is my old stomping ground. one caveat/jibe, where did the 9000ft wall west of vacaville come from, i know there's a coast range but ...(or is that an artifact of something i did?))
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Are we all talking about the same DLS here?

:confused: I thought i'd try out one of these all parts available routes and, nevermind the assets, the route isn not on DLS. thought it was the lovely CMP having one of its delightful little jokes but DLS can't come up with it either by kuid or name. North Fork by Johnda1237. did find 10 other routes of his but who knows if i can get at all the parts.

BTW i applaud this effort, i really hope it works. in a similar vein is ther an asset lost & found somewhere. my list of assets with missing dependencies is roughly half the length of my list of downloaded items.
Try going directly to the DLS, not through CMP, and ticking off as many versions as you can before you search....;)

Yah i just figured out that DLS had only 2006 checked and CMP wouldn't find it for the same reason. :p

Speaking of versions, What content will work with 06-sp1? Or is that why I have all this stuff that CMP says is faulty?
Content from practically any version will work with 2006, as long as you pay attention to faults and dependencies.
Someone should just make this a sticky, since all the content can be found in TS2009.

:cool: Potash Line, kuid:3801:1001138, a 50 mile route from Potash(Moab), Utah to the Denver Mainline.

Created by Bruce Kennewell(3801), it works in TS2009.

It looks & runs great with the features of '09 & should knock the socks off any Denver & Rio Grande Western, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific railfan.

The line carries potash from the loadout, which actually loads hoppers, to wherever, you place three SD40's or their rivals or equivalent power with 40 covered hoppers & highball!

There is a siding on the Denver Main, you can run around your train & using Instant Unload, drag the mty's back to the loader at Potash, the siding is long enough to run around, couple & repeat....

I give instructions to Driver Cameron, then go do other things & let her do the work!:hehe:
missing Kuid2:45977:101681:1

I am missing kuid2 file and that one is on "Merry Xmas2 " I will list them Below if any one knows where i can find them plz help they are not on the CMP or DLS and would like to play that session..

Kuid2: 45977:101681:1

Kuid2: 45977:101684:1

Kuid2: 45977:101680:1
It's a little bit late, but they are all on DLS.
Use search, Trs2004,jahgandree as username and all.

My regards, Jan.