Alex23 will be absent for a while.


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Hi Everyone,

Well I have really enjoyed my break, and am pretty much back on deck.

Unfortunately, it is in the direction of dealing with various private and business matters.

This meens that Trainz needs to take a back seat for some time --- at least till June/July of this year.

As I will not be renewing my Internet connection with my current ISP at the end of the current contract, you will not be able too contact me via the current email address.

As in this time frame I will probably be moving residence and travelling, I will not be seeking a new ISP until things become settled.

If you need too contact me, Please use the PM facility, as I will log on from a remote computer (Wherever I am) to keep my eye on what is happening.

To Auran staff, The moderators and all my great freinds here, I would like to let you know that these matters, that need to be worked on, are all good things, and they revolve around the improvement of my health, business/financial and residential.

Oh yes, and some Romance as well. ----- Don't ask for details, I'm the "Meer Male" involved in that!!!!!:confused: :eek: and still:confused: . ----- Ha Ha.

Anyway, all the best everyone, and I look forward too seeing you all in the second half of the year.

Cheer's everyone,

Alex ... aka .... Alex23:wave:
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Good luck. And remember, in your travels, find things to enjoy :)
Will be good to see you back on here soon. And when you get to a 'remote computer', remember to bump this thread :)

Good luck, have fun, and stay well :)

Thank You Alex for your all the content that you have brought up to date.
May your health improve. Hope to see you back here in summer.(Here anyway.:))
Oh no! Another good bloke entrapped by a Sheilah! :hehe:

Take care Alex; hope all goes well for ya. I've really appreciated your efforts around this place and so has Harry and Mike. :hehe:

Cheers mate

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the good wishes.:)

Nothing been happening with trainz since this post. Although I have visited quite often to see whats going on.:wave: So you are being watched!:p

My PC goes into storage in the next couple of days and many other things are being put away for the next few months.

Most things now are in place for my full retirement in early June. Still a number of business issues too attend to though. Also having as much fun as possible, even went sailing a few weeks ago.:eek: <---- Havent done that for nearly 30 yrs.

Anyway, missing you all, and looking forward to being back when things return to a routine. <------ Whereever I am at that time.

Cheer's all,

Good luck Alex and many thanks for all your contributions to our "Trainz Life".

Take care and I hope you find your way back here a few times.

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick message to let you know I'm still in the land of the living. (I think.:hehe: ). And I havent fallen off my twig.:wave:

Thank's again for the best wishes.:)

Things Trainz/Railways and Hobbies, are on hold at the moment due to many other things that are happening.

I have got in some more sailing with my friends and have been catching up with a lot of friends/family and associates on a social level. It's nice to see them all again after so long.

I have been doing a little travelling, short trips in my new Subaru Liberty and with a mate in his 1984 Chevy Z28 Camaro. <----- That's been fun. Sure attract's the Girl's.:udrool: :udrool: Cruisin' Man!!!

Am. Planning a trip along the Murray River with a detour too Temora Air museum in the next few week's. Should be fun.

Anyway guy's, all the best to you all, and happy trainzing.

See you ASAP.

It's still a river??? But seriously has it downgraded that much, or is the media just doing their usual beat ups?

Actually I'll be driving along the adjacent highway.

Although from what I hear, I can drive along the river bed.:hehe: :hehe: :hehe:


Hi Everyone,

Sorry to reactivate this old thread, but I have just received some emails regarding my well being in the current situation in Oz.

We have been fortunate here on the Mornington Peninsular, and have only been affected by the terrible news that is happening to the West, North and East of us.

Many here are nervous about the dryness and the build up of burnable fuel if conditions change for the worst again. But our thoughts are very much with those who have suffered and are still in danger. Everything else seem's very unimportant ATM.

It would be out of place to list all the things that have been happening recently, so I will just say that things are going well, and I will give you an Idea of what has been happening at a later date.

Trainz has been on hold as mentioned earlier, although I have picked up 2009, and very good it is at that.:)

So to all my Trainz friends, Particularly those in Germany and the UK I am well and quite safe.

To all who have been affected by the fires, all our (Very Brave) emergency services, I and all my friends here on the Mornington Peninsular, are thinking of you and praying for you.

Thankyou for your concern,

A very sad :( Alex --- aka --- Alex23

PS It is very difficult too put into words the way we here in Victoria actually feel. It is very emotional, and even the strongest of hearts are devestated atm.
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