Aircraft Sounds

When I run aircraft on my layouts I get this rattle sound together with the aircraft engine (and shipping) sound. While I realise that the rattle sound is most likely to represent the sound of the train rolling stock (which I don't mind) it is not appropriate for aircraft. I can't find this sound in the config file for the aircraft. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of this sound for aircraft? Where is this rattle (or is it clickety-clack) sound located? Is it part of the track make-up? Many thanks. Norm.
There should not be any track sounds with the aircraft. This tag in the config disables the sounds:
disable-extra-track-sounds 1

Make sure it is in there. I do not have TRS22 to test if that still works.

Hi Ian. Thanks for the reply. I did check the config file and it does show the tag you mentioned. I also played around with the track sounds in the N3V Games program file but no joy. This is a strange one as I checked an earlier layout and tried a new layout and didn't have the same problem. Will just have to put up with it. Cheers.
What invisible bogie is being used?

Some bogies have sounds attached to them that override any default sounds and probably the disable-extra-track-sounds tag.

If this issue doesn't occur with other airplanes, take a look at the config.txt file and see which bogie is used, and use that bogie in the faulty airplane.