AGZ Amtrak P-42 Locomotives


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Hey all,

Jefff944 recently handed me a reskin project for the P-42 locomotive.

10 Locomotives will be available for download in the current Phase V scheme on ALL Amtrak P-42 Locomotives.

The 10 locomotives are as follows: 1, 42, 60, 99, 100, 134, 138, 177, 200, and 207. These locomotives feature a custom horn sound made by Jefff944.

It is possible that more locomotives will be released in the future to suppliment this set of 10. However they might bear the numbers of the P40 and P32 AC locomotives.




Pending permission by the mesh creator, I will decide where to upload them, along with the P-42 horn sound.
Wow drew, great shots, i love the angle of the last 2. Ill try and finish the phase IV and III versions, as well as the North East Direct Version.

If you want to have them linked from the AGZ site get me the info of where they are located and i'll link em. (I'm working on getting more server space/removing the adds off the one we have)

Maybe to much to ask from me but will there be custum sounds besides the horn, since the sounds that are on the dls for the p42's don't sound that great? Looks great just like the real thing.
The horn is looped and the genesis is not our original model so we can not add headlights or alpha numbers. The engine sound is realistic now with break releasing sounds when the locomotive starts rolling. It also has realistic specs for a more realistic driving experience.

you still working on the cab interior?

As far as I know, somebody else is working on that, I have no idea who it is, or if it is still being worked on. The P-42 model does come with headlights on the original model, I just forgot to turn them on in the pictures :p

Still waiting for a reply for permission to use the meshes.
I wasnt the one working on the cab view, i believe evil one was. If he doesnt finish his, i'll build one and supply updated engines later.

Drool . . . . . . . .. . .. . .

No offense Magicland but these are the best P42's i have ever seen. Keep up the good work AGZ
What's the website to download these locomotives?

College work caught up to me and I haven't been able to get them online yet, as I am still waiting for a reply to use the mesh from Magicland. Give me time guys and they'll be up. ;)
Are these new meshes or the ones found in the Free Downloads of ProTrains? If the second, then they are gumbytrain's, don't know what policy was about reskinning them or how to reach him, tried but all the email addys I could find bounce or disappear.