Abandon Dominion Atlantic Railway


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There some Pics I chosen out of 260 pic of the DAR Line I think these are the best ones I took I haven't fully shown you guys my Bike Trip of the old line.



This pic below turned out the best the water looks like glass at 5am really rear to see here






The see all 260 click here:
http://s228.photobucket.com/user/kingdragoni/Dominion Atlantic Railway/story

Here the Video I did on it enjoy:)
I plan to make another part if the railroad is not torn up by spring.

PS: feel free to share your own Videos/pics of railroads you explored
Thank you for posting these pictures.

How sad it is to see the line look like this. It appears to have been abandoned pretty recently and is in the same condition as much of the branch line track owned by Pan Am Railways.
It was owned by WHRC ( Stell is as far as I know ) The Owner don't seem to wont to let it go Hes tryed to sell it and wonted to rebuilt it it would cost about $38mil to do so.
Here a news clip on it back in 2013: http://thechronicleherald.ca/business/644183-cn-seeks-windsor-junction-line-operator
As far as what happened after is unknown most likey will be come a trail as I stated in my Video.

The last train ran on novbember 2nd 2010 here a webpage all about it:http://ns1763.ca/rail/whr-winjct-2010nov.html

Good news there a Route done for MSTS of it and I'm curntley working on if for Trainz new era which wont be relessed any time soon.
Wow, Dragon. You are a great photographer! It just disgust me on how all those weeds grew over the tracks. We had an abandoned line that even had its crossing lights torn down and the weeds are really tall, you can't even see the track.
Wow, Dragon. You are a great photographer! It just disgust me on how all those weeds grew over the tracks. We had an abandoned line that even had its crossing lights torn down and the weeds are really tall, you can't even see the track.

If it's abandoned why would the rail company spend money maintaining the infrastructure? In the event it did see use again, probably cheaper just to go through and blitz any undergrowth, renew track to modern day standards if necessary etc.
That's a good question Vern The Owner wants to hold onto it as long as he can in hopes the market changes and there becomes a need for it agen hes a business man as well:

Here a quote form the news add:
Area officials want details but see possibilities

If anybody wants to fire up the Windsor Junction rail line, they have until April 8 to alert the Canadian National Railway Co.
The railway published a notice of discontinuance Tuesday that raises questions about the future of the rail corridor between Windsor Junction, in Halifax Regional Municipality, and a location near the Town of Windsor.
The announcement regarding the rail link had some officials in Windsor and Wolfville scratching their heads about the implications.
“There is some uncertainty at this point about which particular properties, if any, are involved within the town,” Bill Butler, director of planning for Windsor, said in an interview.
The notice from CN said the railway wants to see proposals before April 8 for the operation of a railway between Windsor Junction and a spot at mile 31.6, where the line connects with one owned by the Windsor and Hantsport Railway Co.
“Parties interested in acquiring this railway line for the purpose of continuing railway operations must make their intention known,” said a notice published by CN in The Chronicle Herald.

There has been talk in recent years of a tourism-related rail service for the Windsor and Hantsport railway, said David Hovell, executive director of the Wolfville Business Development Corp.

“The loss of a connection with Windsor Junction may have implications,” he said.
Bob Schmidt, CEO of the Windsor and Hantsport Railway, which runs through Wolfville, said the potential loss of the Windsor Junction line is a major concern for his business.
“There is not currently any traffic on the line but that could change at any time,” Schmidt said in an interview from Alexandria, W.Va.
He said there has not been been any traffic on his railway since 2009, amid the demise of the local gypsum industry, but there are encouraging signs that may change.
The situation is similar with the Windsor Junction line, he said.
“The critical thing from our perspective is that the Windsor Junction line be preserved.”
Schmidt said that while the scrap value of the steel in the Windsor Junction line would be worth about $800,000, the going cost for building railway lines these days is about a million dollars per mile.
“Once it’s gone, it’s gone,” he said of the line.
Schmidt said he tried to purchase or lease the Windsor Junction line from CN last year, just to keep it available, but the two parties could not reach mutually agreeable terms.
A decision on the future of the line will come about six months after the April 6 deadline.
CN spokesman Jim Feeney said the line has not been used in about three years.
“If there are no proposals to run a railway, the line will be offered to the federal or provincial government, or perhaps to the municipal governments involved,” he said.
Abandoned railway lines in Nova Scotia have often been successfully converted to multi-purpose trails.

After that I hard nothing more about is if these is its been keeped under lock and key by CN & WHRC.