A useful tip to Trainz Simulator 12 users:


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Hi Trainz members:

Problem with the AJS Station Library Asset Found:

AJS Station Library, <kuid2:122285:3499:23> 2.9 (This version does not work in TS12, however it works in TANE)

The asset is showing red faulty and I get these following errors showing up:

Error: stationajs.gs(22) : function Sniff not declared, line 22.
Error: stationajs.gs(22) : (could be ::Sniff(GameObject,string,string,bool) in GameObject)
Error: .. while compiling 'stationajs.gs'
Error: stationlib.gs(108) : function SetMeshAnimationFrameLegacy not declared in class GenericPassengerStation or derivative, line 108.
Error: .. while compiling 'stationlib.gs'

No worries at all I reverted back to this library version and problem disappeared:

AJS Station Library, <kuid2:122285:3499:20> 2.9 (This version works in TS12)

I suspect that the newer version :23 should of been flagged as a 4.4 build asset.

Happy trainzspotting