A tearful farewell...


Now T:ANE I can get into
Well folks, I'm gonna be gone for a while. Since some lovely adware decided to feck up my computer, almost to the point where it won't run, I can't use TRS or talk around here anymore. As I type this, it keeps sabotaging my typing, so excuse any typos or anything.

Since AIM won't even open, I guess this is a temporay farewell to Andrew (Take care of ChicagoRailz in my absence), Steve, Joe, Chris (Lookin' forward to DCON when I'm back), Jesse, Dietrich, J and any other members here I talk to on AIM.

Adios folks... :'(
Hopefully be back soon, but IDK... :confused:
Oh, come on! You have a number of options:

1. Get rid of the spyware, adware, viruses and pornography.
2. Format you drive and re-install the whole bunch.

It will take you one day tops and you'll be back on track.
I agree with Zwabberaar,

Although it is not an enjoyable task, a day or two and you are up running again !

You are going to have to do it at some point or another ?

i know this sounds crazy, but if you are that desperate, take your computer to a repair shop. helped my old computer. :D
i know this sounds crazy, but if you are that desperate, take your computer to a repair shop. helped my old computer. :D

Download and install StopZilla. Works like a charm for swatting those bugs past present and future.
1. I can't reformat my drive. I lost the Backup Disc, and buying a new OS is out of the question.

2. Financially, a computer repair is out of the question.

3. I'll try StopZilla, but the virus has disabled most online Anti-Virus sites.
Go here http://www.castlecops.com/ read through their wiki on malware prevention and removal. If that doesn't work then sign up on their forum and post in the relevant section for help, give it a couple of days and they will guide you through in detail what needs to be done to remove the problem and fix your computer. All the stuff they recommend is free and completely legit. I recommend that site as a great source for anyone who has problems with malware/viruses.

Download SPYBOT & also The UPDATES and run it. I received something called isass.exe (NOT to be confused with Lsass.exe which is a windows file.)via a email & it imbedded itself into my hard drive. I could see it sitting in C\: WINDOWS and I could not delete it normally. SPYBOT was the only thing that cleared it up plus a few other little nasties I didn't know about. I usually run AVG & ADAWARE but they didn't pick this thing up. Anyway my machine is now flying again.
You can see what the program finds and delete what you don't want manually or automatically.Personally I recommend manually.
Hope you have some success.
EDIT.... I forgot to add I also use Mailwasher Pro and it didn't find it either.
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