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I am trying to use Find Object, and when in surveyor, tools drop down menu I click on Find Object, on some routes nothing is shown even when ALL is selected and if I type in an object nothing happens,. In some routes only half or less of the objects is shown or only a few.
I am trying to find a house and it does not even list houses. Now I dont know if I have a bug or what.
If there is a way of fixing this I would really appreciate your help.
I just found out something that might be helpful for some as I have not seen this documented.
In the texture or object or track tabs in surveyor, if you click at the top of the selection and type in an asset, say for instance station you will get all assets beginning with station, but if you click on the display menu at the top and show search filter and at the top type station over in the objects menu you will get a list of everything that has station in the asset name, e.g. station master. 1 level parking station, etc.
It doe's not list all objects, it is mostly those that are named. Most scenery objects are not named so don't appear.
Certain items are named automatically (like industries, junctions and signals). Others (like generic scenery items) need to be named manually.

Open Object tab
Select the Properties tool
Click on the object you want to name
Name it and click the tick to save
The item will now appear in the named objects list.
Thanks Tony,,, I have a lot to do is there a way for them to be all named?.
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Thanks Pete,,,,, I see if I right click on the asset in the objects tab and then copy and then open the properties I can then paste without having to type.