A couple of questions on BR MK3 & Mk4 stock.


Learning... slowly!
First of all my apologies- this has been covered before but I can't get any luck with the forum's search feature :(

So, I have two quick questions:
1. I have a Class 91 in GNER livery. Are there any other liveries available, specifically Inter City Swallow?

2. Are there any good loco-hauled mk3 coaches & matching DVTS in post-privatisation livery, such as Virgin XC, National Express or Greater Anglia? I've got a host of Class 90s and would like some appropriate coaches to run them with. I did find a few DVTs on the DLS but they seem to be TRS04 versions which are hugely out of scale compared to the MK3 coaches they're supposed to accompany.

Many thanks, and once again sorry for raising a topic which has come up many times in the past.