5/31/20- New Releases- PC SD38, SLSF SD45, U25B's in PC, NH & Conrail!

Nice work on those.

Really hope you all can do some BN whiteface units.

C30-7 had some whiteface units :)
I noticed JR brought back the LO 2003 covered hoppers that disappeared a few years ago

they work fine in TRS19
What I wouldn't give to see a U25B in Maine Central colors..

Me too! :)

I remember seeing those alive and well both on the MEC on the defunct Mountain Division and in the early Guilford days before that organization decided to ruin everything.
first release was January 2009 and included:


BN C30-7
SOO SD60 (hockeystick)
SOO SD60 (candy red)
won't be surprised if the other older payware like the CSX ES44AC, BN SD60M, BN SD70MAC, etc. (those date back to 2010-2011) gets retired as they look dated now
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The SD60s still show as payware for me on the JR site for $5. I currently own NS, CSX YN3 and I bought the CSX YN2 one yesterday.
LOL, I came to this party late. :hehe:

I did buy one of the locomotives in this release but I completely missed the Club Car Hoppers.


So, a belated thankz! :D