2560 x 1080 in T:ANE


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I've spotted a good deal on a second hand LG 29UB55 so can anyone confirm that T:ANE supports 2560 x 1080 resolution please?

I'm currently using an 24" Acer V243H and I'm guessing the wider viewing angle will work quite well in Trainz. I have a GTX970, so I'm not concerned about the power to drive it.

Any thoughts or advice from someone who has tried a similar set up would be much appreciated.



I run TANE @ 2560x1440 on a 28" IIYama ProLite B2888UHSU (Native 3840x2160). I also have 2x24" IIYama Prolite BD2409HDS screens running off the same card but at 1920 X 1080 and can move TANE screens to any monitor.

(Mine is not an ideal setup but I'm working on it :) !)

Chris M

PS - IIRC I did try TANE at the native 3840x2160 when I first got the monitor and it worked OK.
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Thanks Chris.

That's quite a big desk you must have :D

I've got the monitor set up this morning and I'm very pleased with it so far - the extra scenery visible in Trainz at 2560 wide vs 1920 certainly enhances the experience!

As many people commented in reviews I read for various 21:9 monitors the different screen shape took an hour or two to get used to, but I won't be going back my previous 24" monitor.

Do you notice much of a difference in fps between 2560x1440 and 1920x1080 in Trainz?


It's a very crowded desk Anthony, need a bigger room !

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(The one on the right is swiveled to portrait mode to fit the desk)

I have not checked the frame rates but they are not noticeably different. (i7 3770 K, 32 GB, GTX 670 2GB - was top end 3 years ago :)! ).

Chris M