19 years old today!!!!

Feliz cumpleanos a ti! <- Happy birthday to you in espanol. Worth noting us that the 'n' in 'cumpleanos' and 'espanol' has that squiggly line over it.

And many more to come, WPN. :wave:
Oh to be 19 all over again knowing what I know now.

Even though there's no time machine available, scientists say that if one was built, you can't go back anytime before it was built. However, if you had a TARDIS, then that's a whole different story.
Happy Birthday in 'Australian' ,..... "It's your shout, cobber!"

Your 19,... I'm 76,.... How about we swap places? I'd love to be 19 again with a whole lifetime of Trainz to look forward to. Anyway,.... sink one for me!

Have a great day, mate!

Roy3b3 (Fair dinkum, I can't believe I uttered those words)
Happy Birthday. :clap:

It's a known fact, at least by us oldies, that birthdays accelerate rapidly after 18. :)