"100 Year old Electric Locomotive Machinery Room and Cab Ride"


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I'm going to say this video is quite nicely done:
Oct 29, 2023 SBB Ae 3/6 II Electric Locomotive, built in 1925 by SLM in Winterthur with Electric Components supplied by MFO. It is the only preserved Ae 3/6 II Locomotive, and is stationed at SBB Historic Olten.
00:00 Introduction
01:48 Locomotive Walkthrough
05:17 Auxilary Equipment
06:53 High Voltage Transformer
09:10 Traction Motors
11:30 Siderods and Jackshafts
14:14 Brakes
That they did.

And you know that thing where people will say "It goes without saying" and then immediately say what they just said they didn't need to say ...

And it goes without saying that it was built to last.

My great grandfather worked for Boston Edison as an electrical engineer. He was on the design team that developed the kilowatt meter that sits outside our houses. In the 1920s, prior to the development of the current meter, people would put quarters into a box for electricity. The KW meter allowed the utility to provide electricity and bill their customers, making the process easier just as they do today.

In his basement, he had gauges similar to those shown in the video in addition to others that said Edison Company on them all hooked up to some kind of panel. On the panel was a big scary knife switch and a knob with contacts similar to the throttle in the locomotive except his didn't have a "steering wheel". There were all kinds of taps and connectors and other gauges on this panel as well as a couple of huge transformers that he powered his tools from. When my grandmother sold her parent's house, I was hoping to have salvaged the equipment but it was too complicated to remove in expensively.
That is interesting. Too bad about not being able to salvage your great grandfather's electrical equipment.
I so wanted too but couldn't do it. Little did anyone know then including myself that I'd end up in an EE program in college but switched later to a tech program instead.