10 long years of Trainzing!


Owner of ZPW.
Today has marked the 10th year since I really got into Trainzing with yall. I know we've had our fair share of road bumps along the way, but i wanna give yall a big thanks in making the past 10 years special. I never thought i'd make it this far tbh, and really glad i have. :wave:
Well done Zeldaboy14. I am certain that they were not 10 long years but more like 10 enjoyable years (with the odd hiccup along the way). Otherwise you would not still be here!
lmao. I got some as a way to fill out my timeline, but i do play them once in a while :hehe:
they are a great way to see how trainz changed over the years
It looks like you have collected them all! My tenth anniversary comes up this June, I think, but my timeline is seriously lacking. I do have several things that don't show on there, but nothing back past 2009. But congratulations on the long ride!
10 years... wow. Well, congrats on 10 years, as well as completing a collection, and I hope your next 10 years are as, if not more, enjoyable!