‘It wakes you up’

I wish someone would make an engine sound from that. I tried and I failed miserably....

Well... The 333.3 from Spain Trainz Rutas has the same engine sound. In fact, all the locomotives that I have equipped with the 16-645 E3 (JR/USLW/Sporbust SD40-2 and GP40, HP F40, NARM SD40-2 -although not all of them-) have this enginesound.

Yup NIMBYs complain about everything. They knocked down a proposal for an expanded commuter rail service because a flock of them came out from a nearby town complained that the engines "might make noise and might smell". It's that "might" part that the galls! Really!

I grew up next to a train yard located just across the street. We had engines idling all night, cars switched in and out, and on more than one occasion, horns blown. No one complained and it seemed the sounds from the yard became yet another part of the ambient noise, and to be honest, the trains made less noise even with the engines running than living next to an interstate which I did a few years later.