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Thread: Philadelphia (Work In Progresss) (Large pics)

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    Wow, man. Living a perfect distance from Exton and Paoli along the Keystone Corridor I'm very used to seeing a lot of that equipment. You're doing very well with it. Nice job! Can't wait for when it's finished.

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    Hello again, it's been some time! So much that I forgot where I used to host my pictures, and then I forgot it's IP based lol. New Comp so here we go!!

    I love you RRSignal! You were the first name that came up when I first searched for assets for this city. This thread exists because I wanted to "test something" due to an item of yours. When you "test something" this is what we get:

    Testing something huh?

    ZOMG we all know I spent too much time here trying to create this. You did the station but, YOU DID THE WALL MAN!! It's beautiful!!

    I want this to keep going, though I knew 9 years ago you could build this whole city, but even you have to rest...

    In burying the lead fashion, I revived this thread because I need help. Instead of starting a new thread named The Philadelphia Commuter tunnel...

    and showing how I'm trying to start small with something to add (again)...

    I tried to kitbash again. I do as well as usual...

    Someone PLEASE help me to stop doing this. I'd rather do something more productive since the hardest thing here has already been done by RRSignal

    I want to start with the easiest thing here I could do:
    Cycles Render

    Blender Render


    Haha could've skipped I can talk.

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    I need help setting Blender up as an environment for Trainz. I can only show textures in Blender. Mesh is fine but no textures exported anywhere unlike the Tutorial asset

    This helped me change a couple things like using Blender render and seeing a possible base cause

    When it's setup correctly any viewer should import it no problem. I've never done a texture file. I know about it but even the wiki says

    As far as Blender related Tutorials i've been thru many like

    Watched all of parts 1 and 2

    and then found this 2 days later

    I'm worn out and need my brain to recharge. I need a structure of where to start that doesnt turn into a Gmax tutorial. I read thru the export as fbx discussions and anything I can find, but without being able to export a simple box with textures, I can't really do anything.

    Here is the box. BTW I've learned why all my platforms looked the way they do lack of uv mapping work.

    That was the end of my platform. What's that UV unwrap for? Anyways here is where I wait until I can get some help and stop kitbashing you guys' fine content.

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