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Thread: Trainz, Planes & Buses etc missing built-in kuid -3:10060???

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    Unhappy Trainz, Planes & Buses etc missing built-in kuid -3:10060???

    For what ever reason after some 3rd party routes were installed into my TS12 I am having fault issues with passenger cars, planes and stations etc missing Passengers kuid: -3:10060; from what I have found this built-in kuid was replaced by kuid: -3:11060.

    I have started to repair some assets by replacing kuid: -3:10060 with -3:11060 - but it seems a daunting tasks as I have a huge database. My other install of TS12 doesn't seem to have this problem. Can anyone assist with how to fix this problem?

    Is it possible to install built-in assets into a current install?

    Also if the old kuid has been replaced why can't asset builders apply the new kuid? Recent DLS assets still have the old kuid in the config.


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    I would take all affected in CM and just revert them to original; That's how I normally fix that problem. It can be done in one big swoop with the shift button.
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