I'm wondering if this is an idea or not, but I am looking at starting a group of hopefully some likeminded indivduals to join me in building some contnet for Trainz. I'm not sure what it will be, but I would like something "Southern (UK) based." or start something as big as Crossrail for example.

The reasons why I wish to start a group like this, is because:

- Development times are now getting longer with my content, so doing everything single handedly, is becomming more and more difficult.
- I would like to attempt to manage people and have some experience. (Therefore, turning a recent job rejection into a positive)
- Work with Auran to produce a product so they can include it into Trainz.

If anyone is particulary intertested and want to suggest ideas thats UK based and got a sample of work to judge your qualities. (Don't worry if you aren't very good, I can train you :-) ) or fancies contributing, then do drop me a private message.

Please, no "can I test this" testers! Testing is too early to discuss and I may want to see your abilities first.