Well, since my holiday season Trainz meltdown that took out all of my routes and damaged dozens of assets (even built-ins!), I finally have it up and running, doing quite well for a couple of weeks now. But I do have a couple of odd-ball occurances, one surely a glitch, the other probably a technical question.

The glitch is with trees. I have seen so many posts complaining about trees, usually the Speed Trees (which I assume are those whose name starts with "Tree" and change with the seasons). My problem is with those, as well as the other nicely detailed, season-changing foliage by mcguirel. In surveyor, after a while, ranging from as long as a couple of hours to as soon as a couple of minutes, I can no longer place any of those trees, nor even move those already in place. I have to save the route, exit surveyor, then go back in, and then I am able to do what I could not. But inveriably, the gremlin comes back. Does anyone know what causes this?

My second oddity is with content manager (I know, what are the odds?!?). I have been working on fixing assets who come up with errors or warning. My question here is twofold:
1. I have found a few assets that show the evil red exclamation point, but when I check it for errors and warnings, many of them say there ARE no errors or warnings. And yet, the asset still shows the red !. I have seen this when an asset fails to commit because of a disk access error, but none of these to which I am referring are open for edit.
2. I have several assets that have the "progressive mesh" warning, and I have been using PEV Tools to fix these. But I have run into several of these that don't seem to even have a mesh file, pm OR im. Chances are the assets show up fine, I haven't checked yet. (I would like to see a future version of Trainz that blends CMP with Railyard. It would be nice to be able to check an asset when it doesn't show up in RY without having to exit RY.)