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Thread: RubyTMIX: A TrainzXML Exporter for Google SketchUp

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    I had installed Rubytmix included in SU 2017, for TANE SP2.

    Whatever you creiate from SU, it will be faulty, especially for light option. Clixk light option to off.
    First I tried to create very simple box, no material no color and Trainz version is 4.3 or 4.5. It will be faulty: low mesh poly is high.

    And I try to fill Trainz version with 3.5 and repeat process. CM import this box successfully without error.

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    I used RubyTMIX for a long time...I created over 100 objects, and exported them but then suddenly I get this error:

    windows 7 print screen

    Please HELP!!

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    Hi there!
    I'm having the same issue as danwho9: «... After entering all the necessary details I am unable to save, it does not do anything at all when I click the top left button:... »
    Sketchup 2017 Make / RubyTmix 1.2.0 (have also 1.2.1 but it seems not to recognize the sole file .rbz present in the folder).
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Dauro! As far as i can recommend, it's best to switch to blender. If you would have read, newer versions of Sketchup have newer html internet explorer code that somehow broke the tool, and an update was ment to come out 4 years ago. The update appears to have never came out, so nothing can be done atm. Hope this helps!

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