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Thread: RubyTMIX: A TrainzXML Exporter for Google SketchUp

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    Default RubyTMIX: A TrainzXML Exporter for Google SketchUp

    RubyTMIX is a plug-in for Google™ SketchUp® that provides direct export of SketchUp models to Trainz, with all geometry, materials and textures intact and the polygon count minimized. Using a combination of its own built-in functionality as well as fully-automated interaction with various freely-available external utility programs, the plug-in produces all files required to import a SketchUp model directly into Trainz Content Manager, where it is immediately available for use in Surveyor. The plug-in is compatible with Google SketchUp 7 and 8; with Windows XP and Windows 7; and with TS2009, TS2010 and TS12. An overview of the process with screen shots is provided in the next post.

    * Ruby plugin, runs inside Google SketchUp 7 or 8
    * Integrates into the SketchUp menu bar
    * User interface is provided via Ruby-SketchUp 'WebDialogs'
    * Requires Trainz Mesh Importer (included) and IrfanView (obtained separately)
    * Supports preview of produced IM file in PEV's Trainz Mesh Viewer (obtained separately) prior to import into CM

    Main Features
    * Automated production of all files required for use with TS2009, TS2010 and TS12
    * Immediate error- and warning-free import of all files into Content Manger from a single folder
    * Imported assets are ready for immediate use in Surveyor
    * No other content-creation tools required (e.g. Blender or G-Max)
    * Documented with PDF manuals
    * IT'S FREE

    How It Works
    * Requires each SketchUp model (SKP file) to be in its own folder
    * Automatically creates all required files and folders based on file name information from SketchUp
    * Exports geometry directly to TrainzXML format
    * Automatic geometry selection logic minimizes poly count by exporting only the faces required
    * Manual selection of front/back/both/textured-only geometry is also provided
    * Export full model or selection only
    * Correctly handles mirrored components and projected textures
    * Exports SketchUp colors as non-textured materials, fully defined in the TrainzXML file
    * Exports SketchUp textures as image files with auto-resizing to closest-power-of-2 dimensions and 1:8 max ratio as needed
    * Auto-converts JPG & TIF material and photo-texture files to TGA format
    * Auto-converts PNG textures with transparency to TGA format and maintains alpha information
    * Automatic creation of 'config.txt' file -- you specify the defaults for all required items
    * Creates a thumbnail from the SketchUp model and auto-resizes it to 240x180
    * Automatically runs Trainz Mesh Importer at conclusion of process (also creates CMD file for manual re-run)
    * All post-processing options can be turned on or off, so you can tweak the results yourself
    * Retains geometry-selection and post-processing options separately for every model
    * Creates a log file for each export run that documents the conversion process to aid in troubleshooting

    A huge thank-you goes out to Peter V (PEV) for graciously providing some valuable tips about materials and geometry in TrainzXML files, and for allowing me to reference his Trainz Mesh Viewer as the preview part of my tool. Thanks also to philskene for allowing me to use his routes as backdrops for my screen shots.
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