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Thread: TS12 Patch 1 (47059) is live.

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    Default TS12 Patch 1 (47059) is live.

    The first patch for TS12 is released.
    This takes your build number from 46957 to 47059.

    It is an auto-patch so you will be prompted to download and install the patch when you start your Trainz Simulator 12.

    You need to have your Trainz PC connected to the internet and your Planet Auran account details registered in the Trainz Simulator 12 client to use the Auto Patcher.

    In case your Trainz PC is not connected to the internet, or if you want to download and patch your copy of Trainz Simulator 12 manually, you can download the patch from:

    File Size: 8,634,985 bytes


    * Fixed a case where a disconnected iTrainz client would not reconnect.
    * Improved iTrainz network stability on some network configurations
    * Improved the accuracy of the latency display for Trainz sessions
    * Hide multi player user names in the 3D world while the driver UI is hidden
    * Fixed Script HUD Thread Exception Errors
    * Credits updated
    * Fixed some crashes while starting Driver.
    * Fixed a Multi player bug regarding the game servers which caused crashes on shut down.
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