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    Default kuid2:74779:7742187:1

    Post your missing KUIDs here that you need and im missing this KUID for my PO&N (Port Ogden & Northern) F7's.

    *EDIT* I fixed the spelling jmeinig.
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    I suggest that you check your spelling and add punctuation. If you keep talking text talk, you will not sound great, and it may be hard to understand for some people. There is an automatic spell check in the typing box, and if a word is underlined in a red, squiggly line, it is misspelled.

    Just my thoughts...

    Did you say model railroad?

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    KUID2:74779:7742187:1 is found at http://jointedrail.com/index.php/loc...-pack/download Jointed Rail in the
    Great Northern F7A&B Pack and once installed many of the F7A&Bs from USLW.net and other sites will become useable.
    It took me awhile to find
    KUID2:74779:7742187:1 and after going through many other F7A&B packs and the dependecy packs and other locomotive parts like horns I finally found this kuid in the GN pack I linked above.
    Download Station derailed again !!!
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    the link is obsolete now, where can i find the KUID now??

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