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Thread: Show off your reskins!

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    My Conrail SD70ACe reskins are finally made and I just simply carried a few things from my ES44AC Tier 4 reskin to make it possible.

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    A reskin of a DR Class 52 2-10-0. This is #52 5992, and I made it a cleaner version of CJ187's class 52. This'll get released as soon as I get permission from him.

    EDIT: CJ187 has given me permission to release this. It should be on the DLS by Saturday.
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    A reskin in a near-literal sense. This idea came to me late last night, and I couldn't sleep until it was finished. I'm tired.

    So what I did here, was take the textures from the JointedRail ATSF C30-7, and modify them for the CSX B30-7 model. End result was a Santa Fe B23-7... sorta. It's kinda held together with duct tape here but it will work until a proper B23-7 surfaces.

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    @epa that right there is pure FIRE nice work!
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    Post Railway Series Style Reskins (RWS)

    Jinty, Duchess 0f Hamilton & Big City Engine

    BCE at Knapford

    Duchess at Charlsback
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    Default Random stuff.

    I dabble in other areas besides autoracks.

    First, I've skinned some 80s era 45ft trailers as well as the RRmods 50ft TOFC flatcar backdated to the interim Claytor/NS Merger era brown.

    Then I've skinned Dave Snow's 86ft box into various railroads with the first being the Southern in four different schemes. (1970s SOU, two different Claytor era schemes and NS with SOU reporting marks.)

    The next four are cars commonly found on autoparts trains of the period. CPAA was the reporting mark used by Canadian Pacific used for American built rolling stock beginning in 1966. CNA was Canadian National's idea of the same thing, used for newly built cars and various former Grand Trunk Western cars assigned to the CN in the 1970s and 80s. The D&TS boxcar represents the first group of 86ft boxcars built by Thrall. Finally the GTW box represents a group built in December 1969-1970 which a number from this group lost their GTW markings and gained CNA markings.

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    On those auto part boxcars, the FRA requires that safety appliances sill steps be installed.

    Nice trailer train
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