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Thread: TS2010 SP3 patches are now available.

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    Default TS2010 SP3 patches are now available.

    We are now releasing the manual patches for TS2010 SP3. There is no automatic patching for the moment, this will be made available soon.

    The patches are available here:




    A list of fixes included in this service pack is available here.
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    Additional patches have been made and tested for the international releases. They are:







    Please note - To avoid any complications while patching, we recommend doing the following:
    Please clear out the Temp folder on your computer. When you are ready to install the patch, disconnect your internet connection and shut down all programs (including anti-virus and similar). Now run the patch. We recommend that you leave the patch to install overnight, and that you do not use the computer whilst the patch is being installed. You may also want to try installing the patch under Safe Mode in Windows.
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