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Thread: Can i have some pleses with TransDem

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    Question Can i have some pleses with TransDem

    im build a TransDem route when i select an industry like station for example and place it on my base bored hillside the front bit digs in and other half levertates any ideas how or which button to press to correct this as i know all DLS industrys work on flat base borde which works fine if your first time builder


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    You need to level the terrain under the whole of the object to the required height using the built in Surveyor tools. It will then sit snug on the ground. Same applies for any other item which does not permit height adjustment.

    Transdem will create your basic DEM'd terrain but it is not intended to build the route for you, you need to make any fine adjustments in Surveyor itself to deal with this type of situation.

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