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Thread: Japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowletmaster View Post

    hey hmmm i wanna ask something does anyone know who is rizky_adiputra?
    I don't Know. I don't need to know. Neither you do.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowletmaster View Post

    because a hours ago i rechecked the creations that is posted on here and i wanted to download rizky's N700S J0
    The N700S as of today is under construction and will be relased as payware.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowletmaster View Post

    also there was this 700T shinkansen which horochi built long ago i wanted to check that out too and maybe download it
    Use the DLS. All of Hirochi's content is on the DLS.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowletmaster View Post

    also there was a post of a REAL 200 series as in the white green and blue livery, where can i download that?

    (please, dont say to me to download the 200 series reskin because i already have it)
    The Blue/Green (post refurbishment) 200 series was made by Connyxy but never relased. The author has been unheard since 2010.
    The details concerning this have already been widely discussed in previous posts.
    Go take a look.

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    Sorry to open an offtopic here, does anyone know what happened to JTrainz?

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    Not sure, but last time I bought something off of JTrainz one of the assets was faulty and I got no response when I emailed them about it, that was about 6 months ago. Going off some of the other comments I've seen about them recently they haven't exactly had a good record recently so I wouldn't be surprised if that's got something to do with why the website's disappeared.

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    Two quick questions relating to things I have seen here:

    @AlexMaria where will your payware be hosted?

    2) A few Japanese locos I've seen (which I think were Hirochi but I'm not certain) show and can be placed in Surveyor but don't show at all in Driver. Does anyone know why?

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