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Thread: Favorite Locomotives!

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    Stevens' first batch of ten 4-4-0s, based on the design of 173. Probably some of the most beautiful engines to come out of Sacramento(and North America in general).
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    I love so many locomotives in trainz that I ignored this thread when it first got rebumped but it is one thirty in the morning here and I was staring at the ceiling trying to get back to sleep (one of the many benefits of old age) when I remembered this locomotive.

    billegulla's Rogers 88 loco 09 <kuid2:81997:3889:1> and Rogers 88 tender <kuid2:81997:4880:1> so nothing would do but I had to get up and load it into TANE 80349 to see how she looked.

    There are a lot of locomotives that are works of art in trainz, all of tbryson2's work for instance and many more, some of which I haven't found yet. But look at the brass, look at the varnish!

    Definitely my nomination for most beautiful locomotive in trainz.
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    That is hard! I would have to say the iconic GMD SD40-2, SD60F and F59PH along with the American C40-8W and SD70 Standard Cab, The SD75i and SD60! Along with CN's SD40T-3, But since the F59PHs are what I grew up with (I grew up with GO Transit) and are very sentimental to me, I will choose them!

    the GMD/EMD F59PH

    built from 1988-1994
    built for GO and Metrolink
    GO's numbered 522 - 568
    I do not know about Metrolink's numberings
    GO units 565 - 568 sold to TRE in Texas
    GO units 520 - 556 retired from 2009 - 2011, sold to numerous buyers
    GO units 557 - 564 still in service today on GO!

    My favorite units are 554 (today used as a part donor for the other sold F59PHs on a leaser, scrapped), 558 (In service) and 563 (In service)

    The funny thing is that 558 and 563 are both on the same consist! on one of GO's L10L consists

    GOT 554 at Oakville

    GOT 558 on the Weston Sub, today this is a big trench, the iconic Strachan signal bridge is gone

    GOT 558's current appearance, GOT 558 and 563 on the L10L on the line It runs on today, and in fact is the exact same consist!
    I like Union Pacific

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    The 0 Series Shinkansen. They were first delivered to JNR (Japanese National Railways) in 1964 for use on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen line, but JR inherited all of them from JNR afterwards. They could go about 130 miles per hour when new, and 140 after their refurbishment, which was very impressive for an electric train at that time. They were originally in their blue-and-white livery (which I like best) until very late in their careers, when they were painted green and silver. Many of them were made by Hitachi, but other manufacturers also made these trains. They had a service career of about 44 years, from 1964 to 2008, and they became a cultural icon for Japanese railways, and for Japan itself. There are a few in preservation, with one (albeit only the front cab) in the National Railway Museum in York, in the United Kingdom.

    The 0 Series Shinkansen's front end is probably the best part of the whole train; it looks like the nose of a passenger airplane. The whole train is very retro-futuristic, and I first remember reading about it when I was 6 or 7 years old. It's not a brash, monstrous train like a USRA Mallet or the LMS Coronation class, but it's impressive nonetheless.
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    If say it that i would say trains you like to return to drive in trainz ...
    therefor for me it would be the older european electrics mostly german and swedish ... there is something about thier character

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