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Thread: USA Pics

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    A very hearty second on that opinion from me as well!! I'm also particularly liking his "module" that he's using recently as well. It looks really nice and very well done. (I don't suppose this ever made it to the DLS? Certainly wishful thinking on my part.)

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    Thanks a lot guys! The module is not on the DLS, but perhaps one day I might get around to updating it with more recent assets (I originally made the module 5+ years ago and only did a few quick asset replacements for the screenshots) and uploading it.

    Stay tuned for more screenshots coming soon!


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    ATSF C30-7 8040 acting as a lead unit to a helper set headed to Bena passes by SP 9276, an SD45T-2, at Bealville, CA.

    On a cool Saturday night at Mojave, A Kodachrome SDP45, an SD40T-2, another SDP45 and another SD40T-2 arrive with an empty coal train. The SDP45's had just been transferred here from the Peninsula.

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