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Thread: T:ANE: South Florida Mega Route - V1.1

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    Default T:ANE: South Florida Mega Route - V1.1

    Hi Friends,
    I recently upgraded to T:ANE and am pretty happy with what we have here. It's performing exceedingly well for being installed on Appleware and I feel motivated to return to my route.
    Sadly the screenshots for V1 of the route disappeared due to whatever meltdown HostthenPost had. Since this rendition is a completely fresh start, I figured make a new thread as well.

    What this route will feature includes:

    -South Florida Rail Corridor from Miami-Mangonia Park
    -CSX Auburndale Sub from Dyer to Delta
    -Florida East Coast from Palm Beach Gardens all the way to the end of track. Includes the Port Lead and the Medley Lead.
    -CSX Homestead Sub to Krome Quarry.

    The first order of business was re-familiarization with YARN roads, new textures, and the works. Iris Interlocking (FEC/SFRTA) was still its old self when I last worked on the route. The new connecting track is already in and a number of test trains ran the sim today to test the JR Smart Signals and ATLS triggers. The surrounding points of the connection are approach lit as well, adding to the madness.

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    Wow this looks awesome, we could use a prototypical Florida route. Good luck to you Tolga!
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    FEC 121 inbound to Hialeah

    NE 79/81 St - North Little River

    South Little River - NE 2 Ave

    near Dependable Warehouse, Central Industrial Section

    Iris Interlocking

    Hialeah Yard
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    My new instagram: @sfltrainz

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    Just now stumbled upon this thread; great screenshots! It's good to have you back Tolga!
    Best Regards,
    T:ANE Build 105766
    TRS2019 Build 105096

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    ^Thanks Ace! Yeah I'm slowly getting the groove back.

    I ran a twofer for a late "Twofer Tuesday", choosing to operate a hasty 5am yard job out of Hialeah to Medley and back, followed by FEC train 202. This was the first time I ran an FEC local in a more recent version of Trainz. I probably ad libbed something back in 2009, who knows.

    Hialeah has an elegant systematic operating plan. Aside from several jobs working the ramp and LNG plant, several more jobs (12:15am and 11:00am) work rock operations on the Medley Lead. Commerce Park is switched at night and the Central Industrial Section is handled by the Downtown Job in the morning. I may run an ops session there sometime. The 6:30pm Yard Job usually handles chlorine for Allied Chemical (they get worked about twice a day). That being said, the other train that works it is the carload switcher for Medley, the 5:00 am Yard Job.

    This is the FEC equivalent of a strong Y322 (Downtown Spur local on CSX). Dominantly single car manifest, occasional misc loads for Titan are handled as well. All shots are WIP, large expanses awaiting scenery.

    Leaving Hialeah Yard, bound for the "Single Track". It will take the "Gator" out west to the Medley Lead.

    Working a team track that primarily services Ricky Oil and Allsteel Building Materials

    After working F Garcia Wholesale and Export. Backing into its train by US Foundry, which also gets worked.

    Marina Foods. The customer behind is Lineage Logistics, formerly Preferred Freezer. Off to the left is Sysco Foods.

    Back by US Foundry

    Train 202: Iris and S Little River. As the train turns at the Little River Wye, it picks up the Atlantic Coastal Ridge, some of the hilliest terrain in Miami-Dade County.

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    My new instagram: @sfltrainz

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