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Thread: PLEASE READ - Permissable Signature Size in the Auran Trainz Forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Rattler View Post
    I private messaged a moderator, about a way oversized signature(s) last night, yet nothing has been done as of yet, but interestingly this moderator's last visit to the forums was AFTER my private message.
    If you're talking about me, I did remove my sig.

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    Default Help on oversize signatures

    For those that don't deliberately oversize their signatures, you can preview your signature beforehand. Just right-click and see both the dimension and size, along with other options to check the size before it is uploaded.

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    It appears that we can't have a holiday and are at the beck and call of the signature spotters. We'll do our best but in the meantime...got the message.


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