I felt like relaxing and just do an excursion on some new routes I downloaded.

I started with the Beloreck-South Ural Mountains route. The in-game description claimed that it is a very accurate depiction of the real route.

I had just gotten an Orient Express consist and I switched out the engine for a C&O duplex which sounds kool when starting out but I can't hear the whistle?

It is an electrified route but I like my steamers!

I did a simple session set-up with my consist starting at the edge of the map near Cemzavod station and ran off the map past Inzer, stopping at every station. I took my time, gliding into each station and staying below the speed limit and taking in the scenery that got better and better as I approached Inzer. I started at 5:00am and it took me till 9:24am and it was a great ride!!!

Have fun out there!

Wild Willy the Wacko