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Thread: Annoying music and other questions

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    Default Annoying music and other questions

    Anyone know how to mute the music when you are in the window when you click Start Trainz from the launcher? I can't take the music any longer!

    Also, is there a way when in the simulator to a) speed up the time factor (scaling), b) just display the frame rate (not all the other technical stuff that you can when you enable performance statistics in Driver or surveyor)? These were basic things that I am used to in other simulators.

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    On the music, once you have clicked "Start Trainz" then click the Main Menu button (3 bars on top left of screen) and select Sound Settings and uncheck Play Sound in Menus.

    For speeding up the simulation in Driver, from the Main Menu (as described above) select General Settings and, in the Advanced Settings section, check Enable Debug Features. This will have no effect until you press and hold down the Shift key (either one) while Driver is running. When used this may, depending on your Windows setting, trigger a message from Windows about turning on "Sticky Keys". This can be disabled (but I do no recall how).
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    If you hold the key down after the announcement (above) it will lock-on the high speed and you can release the shift key. Pressing it again will interrupt the higher speed.
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