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    Hey Guys,
    This is something I have posted a few tims before but unfortunately havent really got an answer to that being with the procedural switches beingan excellent editionto the game with that feature every carry across to diamonds, slip points and possibly even 3 way junctions. Im just more curious to know if thisissomething that is even just being planned in as I believe it would make any all all track layouts truly come to life given what we already have and with HD textures just recently being announced. So does anyone know if its either in the workshops currently or being plannedon as maybe the next new feature?
    Kindest regards, Railsimulator09.

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    Fancy trackwork is available in S2.0 as Scrapbook items. Makes it as simple as copy and paste. There are already yard segments and free standing switches. Since they can be shared via the DLS, then there should be lots available when the feature is locked down and released.
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