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Thread: HD Terrain Discussion Thread

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    As this is currently an Alpha and we have no idea what the final grid size will end up as, it's probably to early to think about importing DEMs directly or using Transdem yet.

    Lidar does give much better detail in the 5m grid and with HD there is plenty of scope for fine tuning.

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    I have just now jumped back into Trainz with a purchase of the download TRS22 after being away for several years. TANE was the last thing I had built a route in: a DEM route creation of an actual route in North Carolina from North Wilkesboro to Rural Hall. I have only completed approximately 15-20% of this route and have now loaded it into TRS22 with most everything intact.
    Is S20, which I assume is the latest version of Surveyor, available ONLY in one of the recurring subscriptions and NOT in TRS22? If that is true, will S20 ever be available as an update to TRS22?
    I see where there is a "Content Samples #1" in TRS22. When I apply some of the ground textures I find in this Sample route into my TANE route in TRS22, they don't look the same. On the PBR Grass textures, the colors are present, but not the blades of grass blowing in the wind. Is there something I'm doing wrong or will these textures not work in my version of TRS22.
    If this is in the wrong thread, please let me know.

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