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Thread: Looking For 3 Bay Open Hoppers (Again)

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    Default Looking For 3 Bay Open Hoppers (Again)

    I'm gonna make this one quick. As per usual, in my attempt to recreate another significant train, I need a piece of rolling stock I cannot find. This time I am looking for the 3 bay open hopper shown below.

    I am simply looking for one that looks similar to it, so it does not have to be the same railroad shown in the picture (If you know, you know). It looks to be a patched hopper previously belonging to a fallen flag but it could very well be anything so that is why I came here. If anyone knows where to find hoppers like these then please be so kind as to drop a link or descriptors I can punch into the DLS and it would be much appreciated!
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    maybe try the bprr hoppers that might be built in

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    Check the DLS for 3 bay hoppers by 22alpha and Majekear. There are a bunch to choose from.
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