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Thread: DLS downloads very slow even with FCT

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    Default DLS downloads very slow even with FCT

    The past couple of days, downloads on the DLS have been very
    slow even with an active FCT. My downloads start out at 5MBs
    then settle down to around 2MBs before dwindling down to less
    than 20KBs. Once it becomes that slow, it stays like that for the
    rest of the download. I have high speed Internet so that should
    not be a factor.

    Has anyone else been having this issue?

    Fred Bray

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    The numbers are deceiving and don't actually represent the actual speed of your download and include the decompression and installation of the assets. This, however, is only part of the picture. Remember, if there is a lot of users downloading then the overall speed is going to be slower, and this doesn't always mean that it's the DLS either and could be your own ISP.
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