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Thread: Large Size Signs?

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    Default Large Size Signs?

    Are there large size signs that could be used as labels on a module? I'm looking for something that can be positioned to lay flat on the tile. I know there's individual letters that can be used, but that's time consuming, putting down one letter at a time. Dave Snow has some warehouse signs, but they are too small. I need the same thing except with letters about 3 times the size. Any ideas on where3 to find such signs would be much appreciated.

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    I used this last week for something if it's any use:
    <kuid2:30671:23101:1> Warehouse sign 20x4m white at 10m

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    Is the purpose of the labels just to help you identify specific areas but not seen when you run the route? If so, you could do what I do.
    Add a route layer called "Labels". Place a pushpin object on the Label layer, edit properties (?), type in whatever. You can lower the height if you want to make the pushpin flush with the ground. You then can make the Label layer visible/not visible.

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