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    I use Layers a lot to place people on my layouts. Presently I'm using the the Layer control command in Driver mode but would much rather use the Show/ Hide layer in Rules mode. To date I haven't be able to use the Show/Hide rule because it simply does not work in my scenarios. I use Trackside check rule to trigger the event and have tried junctions, trackmarck and trigger as well as Enter and Stop to activate shoe and hide. So far I have had no luck getting this to work. Everything works fine with Layers control in Driver command but no repose with Show/ Hide in Rules mode. Any ides? I have Build 1117009.
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    I just gave it (the Show/Hide Layer Rule) a test run in Trainz Plus/TRS22 build 117092 (your build number 1117009 must be a typo) and it is working fine.

    My example was quite simple.

    EDIT: I tried it again using the Trackside Check Rule instead of the Trigger Check Rule and again it worked.
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