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Thread: TRS22 Bairnsdale - "Final" Edition Feedback

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    Default TRS22 Bairnsdale - "Final" Edition Feedback

    The release edition of each of the TRS22 routes is now available for one final check.

    There is no recent update for this but to ensure you're on the latest version, check that the assets installed are:

    <kuid:661281:67538> Bairnsdale Package
    <kuid2:661281:110112:1> Quick Drive Session
    <kuid2:88211:100008:22> Bairnsdale to Orbost Line C1970-80s
    <kuid2:661281:110113:1> Multiplayer Session
    <kuid2:88211:100029:13> The Bairnsdale Morning Shift Part 1
    <kuid2:88211:100030:18> The Bairnsdale Morning Shift Part 2
    <kuid2:88211:100035:12> The Orbost Afternoon Shift Part 1
    <kuid2:88211:100036:13> The Orbost Afternoon Shift Part 2

    We would love to get your feedback through this Feedback Form.

    If you find any bugs please use this Trainz Bug Report.
    Tony Hilliam

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    All up to date dependencies installed. Will have a look at the sessions in due course.

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