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Thread: TRS22 Schwaninger Land - "Final" Edition Feedback

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    Default TRS22 Schwaninger Land - "Final" Edition Feedback

    The release edition of each of the TRS22 routes is now available for one final check.

    The assets installed are:
    <kuid2:212731:100657:7> ICE 517
    <kuid2:212731:100001:7> ICE 177
    <kuid2:212731:100662:6> ICE 564
    <kuid2:523:19724044:6> Quick Drive Session
    <kuid2:212731:100660:5> ICE 985
    <kuid2:661281:200040:16> Schwaninger Land
    <kuid2:523:19724045:4> Multiplayer Session
    <kuid2:523:19724042:3> Schwaninger Package

    We would love to get your feedback through this Feedback Form.

    If you find any bugs please use this Trainz Bug Report.
    Tony Hilliam

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    Good job on Schwaniger Land, just downloaded and checked the Quick Drive session

    -Red carpets are gone
    -Many PBR issues fixed
    -the 9 tracks in the main station have a name
    -Many misplaced items corrected
    -Industry windmills now scenery and no longer in driver commands

    Not fixed:
    -no carz traffic at all (could be a choice)
    -no tram route or catenary
    -Industry not connected to main route

    left over tracks far west

    Considering a free addon pack later for those that want car traffic, like I have here
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