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Thread: Screenshot of The Week: April 11 to April 18 2022 (No Theme)

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    Honestly, I couldn’t care less about votes. This is why I don’t vote, voting for someone may make another person angry, someone who may have spent a ton of time setting up the right shot. That isn’t to say the other person didn’t take their time with a shot, however.

    There’s also the fact that I can’t decide on one or two. If I could vote for everyone, I would. Usually, if I do vote, it usually something that is extraordinary, and likely becomes my computer backdrop for a while

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    What does anyone see in a picture but people will pay millions to own them and travel round the world just to see them. As for the screenshot competition I vote most weeks and enter when I have something new to show however with odds at best of just over 5:1 don't hold your breath, in fact in all the time I've been on here I've managed the top score once unfortunately you can't vote for them all.

    This particular week I voted for KotangaGirl because I liked the housing perched on top of the retaining wall, very much London where I come from if somewhat cleaner than it ever was. I also voted for Ktain.ny because it reminded me of the many night I've stood on Westbury Station, Platform 1, waiting for a connection to get home with a Class 58 or 60 headed empty gravel train coming straight at me on route to the Mendip quarries. Ask other why they voted for these screenshots and you will likely get a variety of different reasons but I don't believe anyone who voted could explain why they didn't vote for a screenshot, only why they did. Peter

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