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    How to add a turntable to a route? We need a sequence of actions. I've been trying for a long time. It doesn't work.
    Как добавить поворотный круг на маршрут? Нужна последовательность действий. Долго пытался. Не получается.

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    Turntables are scenery objects like industries and stations.

    You place them and attach the track to them as needed. There are many sizes as well. Some turntables have attachable sheds that "clip" on to the various tracks.

    When you drive your route, you can turn the train around by manually moving the turntable or by instructing the AI to do so. I've never setup automatic operations and only use manual operations.
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    Place a TM with a very small radius on the turntable to drive to. Then use the <kuid:458053:108204> Move turntable -command to rotate the turntable.

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    I am updating my 4.6 Port Ogden adaptation for builds 4.9 and 5.0
    I'll clarify the question. After the location on the route and the connection of the tracks, the locomotive entering the turntable stab goes off the tracks and breaks down. We need a sequence of actions for installing the connection of objects of the turntable itself (turntable, tuntable stab, turntable track) on the example of a default turning circle (TRS19 name 297 120 ft Turntable)
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    Turntable and turntable stub is all that is required. Place the turntable and then get a stub and rotate so the red tab is on the inside of the turntable. Move the stub so the circle nearest the red tab connects to the outer circle on the turntable (make sure it connects). Then just connect your track to the outer circle of the stub.

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    I had some trouble with this in T:ANE last time I put a turntable in. I wound up having to connect the track to the stub, then installing the stub on the turntable. It shouldn't be that way, but that's how it was.


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    Moving the turntable whist the stubs and track are attached will show if all is well, also place a loco on it in surveyor, move it on and off the turntable it will stop at a break.
    Placing the stubs can be fiddly so I'll try adding the track first next time, thanks for the tip.

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