Classic is great at single tasks. After all it's been the backbone of Trainz for 20+ years, so it's got a LOT going for it.

Now try counting clicks to move track, move trackside object, move scenery object and let me know.

Or move an entire section of track and all surrounding objects a few meters (two clicks in S20).

Or my favourite, place a whole yard:
- Click Presets
- Search Yard
- Set radius to desired dimension
- Click

Or to rotate that whole yard a few degrees, then move it 5 meters south:
- Select the Fine Adjustment tool
- Marquee Select the yard
- Rotate the entire selection using one of the track gizmo handles
- Add 5 to the X value in the Info tool

I'll be on Discord 10am AEST tomorrow to do some demos - you can watch on a live stream, join in the voice chat, and/or log in to the KSC2 route.