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    I would like to create a new tr22 install for beta testing of tr22 and surveyor 2.0. After having read several posts, i am still a bit confused about the right method for creating this new install and test my routes, without altering my current trs19 plus data folder. Anyone could provide the steps for doing it safely ?

    Thank you!

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    Ola jaur,
    Go to your My trainz, and download the last installer (probably SP4)
    install it (in a clear marked directory like TRSbeta), make sure SP4 works and has your login good
    set your stream to TRS19beta and update to the TRS22beta
    do not add your older local path, keep it separate

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    I think the beta stream may have to be TRS19 Plus beta perhaps?? (I could be wrong)

    Note that the new TS22 install will create a new user data folder so you'll have to redownload/reinstall content.
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    The other way is to create a copy of existing data and update the data-path in the Trainz Settings on the Install tab.

    --- Copy TRS19 Plus/SP4 and call it TRS22 Beta.
    --- Replicate the data folder. Call it TRS22_TEST
    --- Update the copied program. I recommend using the Patch installer directly rather than using the updater through the Launcher.
    --- Choose TRS19 Plus Beta as the source.
    --- Install, and repeat the same again for the second part.
    --- Start up TRS22.
    --- At the Launcher, click on Trainz Settings.
    --- Click on Install tab.
    --- Click on the three dots on the right. (...)
    --- Browse to TRS22_TEST
    --- Click on it.
    --- Click Select.

    In the Internet tab, your login will populate since it's picking up your login information from your TRS19 database

    Your program will run a quick "updating translations", or something like that and will want to restart.

    --- Restart as required.

    The program will now run a DBR. This process can take a very long time if you have a lot of data. The progress bar will appear to be hung during the checking faulty assets stage. It is not stuck, it's a known bug with the progress bar showing one value, but the process is not completed.

    Once done, check in Content Manage to ensure your content is intact, and most importantly check for faulty assets. If there are any faulty assets, select them, right-click choose View errors and warnings. Most of the errors should disappear, and if there are any remaining, you need to delete, replace, or repair the faulty content.

    With this replicated setup, you can now compare operations between your TRS19 and TRS22. This is very helpful when problems appear unique to TRS22, but may have existed before but went unnoticed, or not.
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    I just used my data folder I have had for several years. Worked just fine except for about 6 sessions were missing something. Routes are all fine, I have around 80 of them installed. 840 gig of stuff.
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    All good until you hit the dreaded checksum mismatch error on installing the TRS22 update on top of a perfectly clean install of TRS19...build 114800. Have tried several times to get the TRS22 beta to update this install with no luck. I'll probably have to wait until the full retail version is released.

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