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    On Nov. 27, 2021 I purchased two items.

    The first one was a PC GP38-2, the second was a UP GP38-2
    the purchase order was #22265.

    I received an E mail with the downloads. All were in the E mail but none of them would download.

    I logged into my RRmods us account and found three downloads.

    The PC GP38-2 was there and downloaded successfully.
    The other two downloads were for both of the dependencies, however the main download for the loco is missing.

    I sent an E mail to info@rrmods.us explaining my situation, however I have not received any reply to my E mail.

    I would appreciate the if the UP GP38-2 main download could be added to my account.

    William Lee

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    Hello William,

    Apologies for the delayed response. Check your email used to make the purchase. Please contact us if you need anything more.


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    Situation resolved! Thank you very much.

    William Lee

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