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Thread: New to Trainz Plus and observations

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    Default New to Trainz Plus and observations

    Been working on my Trainz Plus route for a while, and thought I would drive some of it to test. First attempt sort of ok, AI is still a bit odd, as consist still insist on finding the shortest way to where they want to go. Going against track right of way. May need to get this Track priority/and direction sorted. Seems a bit hit and miss.
    I saved the one drive session, on loading the following day. My Route was not on the Menu board....Oh no I thought.. Thru all my editing of route it has always been on the Menu board. Went to search bar and typed it in, phew there it was. Continue on with session, save when finish. Here is where I found the next difference. In TANE you had the overwrite current session. In Trainz plus it not obvious on first glance, so ended up with a totally different session to the first. Overwriting sessions is an important function and needs to be obvious. Sound is also a bit hit and miss, but could be a local issue. The animated drivers shown are a bit odd. Alan is definitely a Girl with Blonde hair..LOL Driving control will take a bit of practise as its not as obvious as TANE. Overall its a big improvement and I quite like it just need more practise at certain things. Been at Trainz a while and I get a bit thrown when stuff changes alot. Joys of getting old.

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    It seems Trainz was the first product in the world to offer gender fluidity. Girls can have boy's names and vice versa.

    Your route will be listed if your filter matches (so installed, locally modified or My content).

    If you edit route, then a new session is created. Use Edit Session of you want to update an existing session.
    Tony Hilliam

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    Trainz Plus is a different beast to TANE.
    The AI taking the shortest route is nothing new, just more trackmarks are needed and drive via instead of to.
    Saving is a little different and you need to watch layers. Click on Edit Route to start with and save route when needed. If you go into driver mode then switch back to Surveyor, you will be in Surveyor in a session layer and make sure to change layers before further editing.

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