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Thread: Inserting baseboards aka mapboards into existing layout

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    Default Inserting baseboards aka mapboards into existing layout

    On my Chili Line layout, part of the line isn't long enough. Now that I have a bigger and better computer, I would like to add more distance on that section. This would mean cutting the track and inserting a new map board (or base board). Basically, Mapboard is cut into Mapboard A and Mapboard C, then a new Mapboard B is inserted between them.

    Is that even possible, or just a pipe dream?

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    Yes, you can add a baseboard, but you can't insert it in the middle directly.

    To add a baseboard:

    Click on the end of the route where you want to add a baseboard.
    Click on the topology tool where you make hills and add water.
    Click on the advanced pullout on the bottom.
    Click on Add baseboard.

    A baseboard will be added at the end of the route at zero height. To repeat this on the same end, go to the end of the baseboard on the outside edge and insert another baseboard. You can do this process repeatedly to increase the length.

    To insert a baseboard.

    Open up Content Manager-Plus and export(save) a copy of your route to a CDP for safe keeping.

    In TRS2006, clone your route to create a second copy. You will need the 2 copies for editing and merging back together.

    Once you've completed the clones, edit one of the routes.

    Delete the baseboards you above where you want to insert your new baseboards. Deleting baseboards is found on the same advanced pull-out as above. It is important to know that deleting a baseboard is permanent and can't be undone. This why you made a backup!

    Insert as may baseboards as you wish.


    Open the 2nd copy.
    Delete the baseboards not needed on this section below to remove the section you had inserted new baseboards on in the previous copy, because they're duplicated in the other copy now with the added baseboards.


    Merge the two routes together.

    Your old route has been extended in the middle.

    Hope this helps.
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    It can be done but is a lot of work.
    Save a copy of your route with a different name.
    Open the new copy and find the spot you want to add to and remove all baseboards from that point and save under a new name.
    Next go back to the original copy and do the same with the other end of the route and give it a different name.
    You can then add the new section to one of these and give it a new name, Like name of that part of the route with addition.
    Open the new addition route and merge the other end of the route to it.
    Give the route a new name like original rote plus extension.
    I did this many years ago in either 2006 or TS12 and it worked.
    Very boring deleting all those baseboards though.
    When deleting save it often in case you make a mistake.
    Good luck.

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    Wow, thank you John and Mike! So happy to know this can be done, and I'll get right on it.

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