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    Thumbs up Surveyor 2.0

    From today's newsletter:
    Add or delete 20 baseboards at once - check.

    Bulk move, copy, clone, rotate or delete objects - check.

    Use keyboard shortcuts to mass select - check.

    Bulk update Track Condition - check.

    Lock all selected objects - check.
    And of course, we can't forget seeing which layer you're working in at all times - check.
    Can't wait to get to use these new features. Can't remember how many hours I've lost having to trim multiple baseboards from a map one at a time, updating the track condition one track segment at a time hoping not to overlook a tiny segment in a complex junction area, etc.

    This will take an already great world building system to new heights of excellence.

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    It's improving rapidly, I see that in the pic
    but, you can only see the active layer, if the layer Palette is open ?,
    What we ask for is the name of the active layer in the top menu bar
    preferable also the kuid of the current selected item and baseboard we are at the moment
    but yes looking forward to it, and if SP4 gets fixed good I consider, TRS2022 Plus

    example pic only

    maybe option to turn that info on/off
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