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Thread: I'm not sad, just dissapointed

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    Long time Trainz user here. Have been using the program since 2015 to film videos on it about Thomas & Friends. Sadly, with Trainz 19, I feel there is a lot left to be desired. I have Trainz Plus, so I pay a "pretty" amount of money to get access to the latest "cool features" that were promised when subscribing to it. Unified Surveyor/Driver and the new camera's was the best update to ever come out of TRS2019, which was at the start of 2019 I believe. Since then, there haven't been much "cool features" for the normal, regular Trainz user in my eyes.

    I know Surveyor 2.0 is coming, but we are at the end of 2021 now, 2,5 years later, and I feel my Trainz experience has only gotten worse since those cool updates at the start of 2019. I was hoping for a fix (to all users) for the glitchy, low resolution shadows, which has been there since TANE (2015!). I was hoping to see more cool features like an improved weather system (with return of lighting for example), content foundry that was announced YEARS ago but now we hear nothing about. Since SP3 things only got worse, with camera assets not working properly and the team not trying to fix that function, wheel slipping issues that weren't there before, and the height adjust that was not working properly for a long time, unless you updated to an unstable "beta version".

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the efforts that went into stuff like Multiplayer and/or the TNI Physics, but I don't know many people who really asked for that, and the TNI physics haven't really done much for me either, apart from the wheel slip problem!

    The goal with this post is that I hope N3V with it's limited team can prioritize the stuff fans/creators really want. Updated visuals, better lighting, fixed shadows, better weather system, new skybox system, content foundry etc.

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    I've used Trainz since 2006-or-7. I am a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

    We've come a long way since then, and while it's true some things are missing that we've had in the past, overall the game has improved tremendously. Right now it seems N3V are prioritizing under-the-hood enhancements to make the game more smooth, stable, and optimized, and it shows. Early builds of TRS19 (and some T:ANE builds) were buggy messes, but the current Trainz Plus build, 111951, so far seems to be the most stable build yet.

    While I agree that, as Trainz Plus subscribers, we are entitled early access (so to speak) to new features, N3V has made very clear they want to get the stuff we have already more stable. And I can't blame them.

    New stuff is coming, they just have to make sure it's going to work first.

    What build are you using? I haven't experienced any of the issues you're listing on 111951.

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    A lot of development time has gone into the TS3(mobile app), which some may see as lost time
    but N3v is a company and needs to make money and attract new customers.
    In the end we all benefit if new customers join, soon they will see that the PC/Mac version
    will bring them much more and also buy that.
    With new income, the base game can be enhanced, improved.

    If you have ideas to improve the game always post in "suggestion Boxcar" part of the forum
    never expect your idea to be top priority or done instantly.

    Don't be sad or disappointed, find a version of Trainz that you enjoy best (not always the newest)
    feel free to ask questions and just try to enjoy Trainz.

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    I’m glad they are working on getting the bugs out. For me, there was a major improvement in that for us Mac users, we got got Metal graphics and Apple Silicon optimizations. This was after many years. So I’m very glad.
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    Heard the support is starting to get really good for Mac, I'm looking into switching to the M1X Mac Mini perhaps, who knows haha (if it has a 32core GPU option that matches the RTX 3070's performance)

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